Pre-Reading Lesson Plan

This lesson plan would be used at the beginning of the Unit as an introduction to the novel before students begin reading it. It includes the Setting Chart Pre-reading Activity as well as corresponding objectives and materials. 

Lesson Plan: 

house of tom lesson plan.pdf house of tom lesson plan.pdf
Size : 83.444 Kb
Type : pdf

Setting Chart Handout (Pre-reading Activity)

This would be used as a pre-reading activity for The House of Tomorrow. You can use this handout and adapt it to a varity of texts as well. I am going to use it to get students thinking about themes in the novel. In the activity, I want students to think about what items are important to them, how much they rely on them, what they think the items say about them, and what others think about them from the items. I want them to relize that their perceptions about themselves and about others are not always accurate. Also, I pair this with a journal entry and discussion as well. After this activity is completed, I will have students return the worksheets to their owners and let the owners read through them and have them write a journal entry on the results and then we will discuss their findings in class.

setting chart.pdf setting chart.pdf
Size : 68.55 Kb
Type : pdf

Open Mind Activity Handout

After reading Chapter 12, the student will complete the Open Mind activity. Open Mind allows the students to analyze the inner-workings of a character of their choice. It is a gateway activity for students to start thinking about character analysis. At this point in the novel, all of the characters have been introduced and their major motivations are clear. However, there are still many events to come that could change their motivations and interests. A second Open Mind can be done at a later point in time, or another activity that is similar,  to monitor character development.

Open Mind.pdf Open Mind.pdf
Size : 75.055 Kb
Type : pdf

ABC Chart Activity Handout

After the book has been read. the student will complete the ABC chart activity. The ABC chart allows the student to analyze the charcteristics of a specific character in the novel of their choice. It will be a way for th students to get a clear understanding and an effective analysis of the character. By then end of the novel each character within the novel has been introduced and one will have complete knowledge about the characters. An ABC chart can be used to describe one specific character or it can be used to make a compare and contrast between two character. The student will have to write in two different color inks so that one can tell the difference.

ABC Chart.pdf ABC Chart.pdf
Size : 28.205 Kb
Type : pdf

Facebook Character Handout

After the book is read, students will complete three Facebook character sheets. The Facebook project allows students to incorporate other character’s point of view, examine the depth of the character chosen, and write through the character’s perspective. In addition, this project allows students to engage with a popular social networking site most students use on a day to day basis. This relates something students use in their personal life into the classroom. This increases students likelihood of being engaged. Also, students will move into a higher level of thinking by analyzing a character and inferring advertisements a character would like.

Facebook Assignment Instruction Sheet.pdf Facebook Assignment Instruction Sheet.pdf
Size : 1423.609 Kb
Type : pdf

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