Brochure for Geodome

Create a brochure either promoting the purchase of a Geodesic House or warning against them. The brochure should have three components: a panel for history, descriptive information, and reviews. Include photographs of geodomes, maps identifying domes nearby, blueprints, or any other relevant sources that could propel your argument. Incorporate information from class discussions, The House of Tomorrow by Peter Bognanni, and any additional research from credible sources. Feel free to ask the instructor for any clarification.

BrochureRubric Sheet1.pdf BrochureRubric Sheet1.pdf
Size : 42.771 Kb
Type : pdf

 Write a Song

In the same spirit of The Rash, write a song capturing the struggle of growing up inside a geodesic dome like Sebastian’s. This project works best with groups of 2 or 3, as you will need to record your band playing your original punk rock song in a music video. The videos must be posted to YouTube so they can be shared in class during presentation time. If you do not play an instrument, feel free to use the premade instrument-specific tracks on Garageband. However, the lyrics must be original and all band members must be shown “playing” an instrument in the video. Feel free to ask the instructor for any clarification or if you are interested in performing your song live.

Character Email

Write an email from one character to another character in the novel using what you know about them from the novel. Make sure everything in the email is true or at least inferred to. You will need to make up each of the character’s email addresses (according to their personalities). Make your emails as meaningful as possible. For example: I do not want you to just say hi how are you or what are you up to-pretend like you already know. Make sure to make your email look as much like an email as possible.

House of Tomorrow Character Email Rubric.pdf House of Tomorrow Character Email Rubric.pdf
Size : 181.879 Kb
Type : pdf

Album Cover

Create an album cover for the novel, The House of Tomorrow, or for the Rash. You may (digitally or on paper) make a collage, create a picture, or take a picture to create your album cover. Make sure to include a title, parental advisory (if you want), some kind of picture, a front and a back (the back should have songs on it that make sense of the novel or of Jared and Sebastian’s band).       

Graphic Novel

Recreate the story in a Graphic Novel (comic book style) form. The graphic novel needs to demonstrate the setting through the images used and include the main elements of the story (plot, character, conflict, theme, and setting). After completing the graphic novel, write a one page response explaining what you tried to accomplish through your adaptation and reflect on what you created. What did you do well? What would you have changed?

Facebook Characters

Pick three characters from The House of Tomorrow and create a Facebook for the three characters you pick. You will need to have three Facebook Character Sheets completed. The character you choose can be a minor or major character. Refer back to the character sheets or notes we completed during class.

Facebook Character Activity Rubric.docx Facebook Character Activity Rubric.docx
Size : 32.149 Kb
Type : docx

Talk Show

Students will create their own talk show about the events within in the novel. The groups will consist of five students: one will be the talk show host, and the other four students will be the guests. Each guest will be a portrayal of a character within the text. The talk show must be school appropriate and creative.


Talk Show Rubric.pdf Talk Show Rubric.pdf
Size : 63.939 Kb
Type : pdf

Write a Poem

Create a poem about a specific theme or character within The House of Tomorrow. The poem needs to be at least ten lines long, and can be structured however you like. Please be detailed throughout your poem so that individuals who may not of read the novel can possibly understand the theme or characteristics of the character you are portraying. Feel free to ask the instructor for any additional help or clarification.

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